Astrophysical Data Catalogues

STAR Atlas:PRO™ includes a vast collection of astronomical data catalogues that contain precision information for 24 million celestial objects

STAR Atlas:PRO's stellar and non-stellar catalogues are itemised in the following tables.

Non-Stellar Catalogues (Deep Sky Objects)

Catalogue Description

NGC & IC Catalogues. Popular catalogues of 13,300 Nebulae, Planetary Nebula, Star Clusters, Globular Clusters, Galaxies, asterisms and other types of Deep Sky Objects.
Messier objects. All Messier Objects.
Popular Deep Sky objects. Beehive Cluster, Andromeda Galaxy, Helix Nebula and all other popular deep sky objects.
Abell Rich Clusters of Galaxies.
(including both the North & South Abell catalogues).
This catalogue includes 5,250 Rich Clusters of Galaxies spread over the North and South Hemispheres. Each Galaxy Cluster has at least 30 individual member galaxies.
The Caldwell Catalogue. The popular Caldwell catalogue of bright deep sky objects.
Barnard's Catalogue of Dark Objects. Barnard's catalogue of 349 dark objects.
Hickson's Compact Groups of Galaxies. Extensive data for each individual galaxy group.
Strasbourg-ESO Planetary Nebulae. over 1,143 planetary nebulae.
Globular Star Clusters in the Milky Way. 147 Globular Star Clusters in the Milky Way galaxy.
Supernovae Remnants. All known Galactic supernova remnants.
Star Clusters & Associations. An additional 1,000 fainter and small Star Clusters.
Lynds' Bright Nebulae 1,026 Bright Nebulae
Lynds' Dark Nebulae 1,719 Dark Nebulae
RCW Ha Regions 181 Hydrogen-Alpha (Hα) regions
Sharpless H-II Regions 313 Hydrogen-Beta (HII) regions
Quasars and Galaxies with Active Galactic Nuclei. over 11,000 Quasars and more than 3,000 Galaxies with Active Nuclei.
Lyon-Meudon Extragalactic database of Galaxies
Extensive database of numerous galaxy catalogues includes more than 100,000 Galaxies, each with detailed information. The galaxy database includes the following masterful collection of galaxy catalogues.

ANON de Vaucouleurs Galaxy Groups
ARAK Arakelian Galaxies
ARP Arp Peculiar Galaxy Atlas (ARP)
DCL Dickens Galaxies
DDO David Dunlap Dwarf galaxies
DRCG Dressler Catalog of Clusters of galaxies
ESO ESO optical sources
FAIR Fairall Galaxies
FCC Fornax Cluster Catalog
FGC Fornax Galaxies Cluster Catalog
FGCA Karachentsev Galaxy pairs
FGCE Karachentsev Galaxies
HICK Hickson Compact Groups of Galaxies
IRAS Infrared sources
KARA Boerngen-Karachentseva Dwarf Galaxies
KAZA Kazarian Galaxies
KUG Kiso UV-bright Galaxies
MARK Markarian Galaxies
MCG Morphological Catalog of Galaxies
nSZW Rodgers Galaxies
nZW Zwicky Galaxy Clusters
PGC Principal Galaxy Catalog
POX Emission-line objects (Prism Objective X)
RB Galaxies in Abell 1656
SAIT Saito Galaxies
SBS Byurakan Galaxies, QSOs, blue stars
TOLO Emission-line galaxies or QSOs
UGC Uppsala General Catalog of Galaxies
UGCA UGC Galaxies ( addendum)
UM University of Michigan Emission-line objects
V V Vorontsov-Vel’yaminov Interacting Galaxies
VCC Virgo Cluster Catalog Galaxies
VIIZW Zwicky Galaxies
WEIN Weinberger Galaxies
Hyper-Leda Galaxy Catalogues 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey
2MASS All-Sky Catalogue of Point Sources
3rd Cambridge Catalogue
Andromeda Galaxies I-IV
Arakelian Galaxies
Arecibo General Catalog
Arp Peculiar Galaxies
Byurakan Survey of Galaxies, QSOs, blue stars
Catalogue of Galaxies behind the Milky Way
Catalogue of Selected Non-UGC Galaxies
Centaurus Cluster of Galaxies
Cluster System of M33
Coma Cluster Galaxies
David Dunlap Observatory Dwarf Galaxies
Dressler Cluster of Galaxies
Durham-UKST Survey
Dwarf and Dwarf Candidate Galaxies
EFAR Early type Galaxies Catalogue
Emission-Line Objects
ESO optical sources
ESO-Uppsala Galaxies
Fairall Galaxies
Flat Galaxy Catalogue
Flat Galaxy Catalogue southern Extension
Fornax Cluster Catalogue
Fourth Cambridge Survey
Galaxies behind Southern Milky Way
Galaxies behind the Milky Way
Galaxies in the Zone of Avoidance
Galaxies near the Northern galactic plane
HI bright galaxies in the southern Zone of Avoidance
Hickson Compact Galaxy Groups
High-Luminosity Spirals in direction of the Great Attractor
Holmberg Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
Infrared Astronomical Satellite Infrared sources
Isolated pairs of galaxies in the Northern Hemisphere
Karachentseva Double Galaxies
Karachentseva Isolated Galaxies
Kazarian Galaxies
Kiso Survey for UV-Bright Galaxies
Las Campanas Redshift Survey
Lick Northern Proper Motion, 1st part, Galaxies
Local Group Galaxies (suspected)
Lyon Groups of Galaxies
Maffei Galaxies
Markarian Galaxies
Molonglo Reference Catalogue of Radio Sources
Morphological Catalogue of Galaxies
Nearby dwarf galaxies towards the Hercules-Aquila void
Nearby dwarf Galaxy Candidates
Nearby galaxies with HI, Dwarf Galaxies
Perseus Cluster of Galaxies
Principal Galaxies Catalogue
RC2 Catalogue of Bright Galaxies
Revised Flat Galaxy Catalogue
Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy Catalogue
Shakhbazian Compact groups of galaxies
Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Tololo Emission-line galaxies or QSOs
Uppsala General Catalogue of Galaxies
Virgo Cluster Catalogue
Vorontsov-Vel'yaminov Interacting galaxies
Zwicky Compact and Eruptive galaxies
Zwicky Compact Galaxies
Zwicky Compact Galaxies and Post-Eruptive Galaxies
Zwicky Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies

Catalogues of Stars including Variable and Double stars.

Stellar Catalogues


Bright Star Catalogue over than 9,100 entries with notes for each Star.
Hipparcos Catalogue catalogue with extensive high-precision data of the brightest 118,218 Stars.
Hipparcos Visual Double & Multiple Stars 18,644 Double and Multiple Star Systems
Hipparcos Periodic Variable Stars Over 2,700 Periodic Variable Stars.
Hipparcos Un-Solved Variable Stars Over 5,500 Un-solved Variable Stars.
Tycho Stellar Catalogue precision data for 1,058,332 (1-million+) Stars including spectral colour information for each star.
Tycho 2 Stellar Catalogue more precise data for 2,430,468 (2.3-million+) Stars include proper motions.
Guide Star Catalogue 1.1 (GSC-ACT). revised edition of the original GSC with increased position accuracy. The number of unique objects in the GSC is 15,368,650 Stars and 3,299,391 Non-Stellar Objects (non-stars), totalling 18,668,041 unique objects.

Astronomical database population. A description of how many objects there are in each astronomical catalogue included with STAR Atlas:PRO

Catalogue Statistics

Number of Objects

NGC2000.0 13,326  
LEDA Galaxy Database 101,258  
Rich Clusters of Galaxies 5,250  
ARP Peculiar Galaxies 338 (592 individual objects)
Caldwell Catalogue 109  
Barnard's Catalogue 349  
Quasars, AGN and BL-Lac Objects 15,049  
Hickson's Compact Groups of Galaxies 100 (463 individual objects)
Globular Star Clusters in the Milky Way 147  
Strasbourg-ESO Planetary Nebulae 1,143  
Supernova Remnants 231  
Star Clusters and Associations 1,039  
Lynds' Bright Nebulae 1,026  
Lynds' Dark Nebulae 1,719  
RCW Ha Regions 181  
Sharpless H-II Regions 313  
Planets 8  
Comets 200 (no limit)
Asteroids and Minor Planets 185,000 (no limit)
Yale Bright Star Catalogue 9,110  
Hipparcos Catalogue 118,218  
Hipparcos Periodic Variable Stars Catalogue 2,712  
Hipparcos Un-Solved Variable Stars Catalogue 5,542  
Hipparcos Visual Double Stars Catalogue 41,255  
Tycho Catalogue  1,058,332  
Tycho 2 Catalogue 2,430,468  
Star Names  1,535  
SAO-HD-GC-DM Cross Reference of Stars 258,944  
Guide Star Catalogue Stars 15,368,650  
Guide Star Catalogue Non-Stellar Objects 3,299,391  
Hyper LEDA Galaxies 1,377,692  
Hyper LEDA Object's consisting of several galaxies 2,859  
Hyper LEDA Quasi-Stellar Objects (QSOs). 33,221  
Hyper LEDA Extra-galactic objects of unidentified nature, or extended sources 137,788  

Total Number of objects


(24.4 million objects)